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Defender™ Chimney Spike Strap

This amazing anti seagull repellent strap is simply wrapped around the top of any shaped or sized chimney pot. It will prevent a pest seagull from landing without hurting it.

The extra long strap is simply overlapped around the pot, pulled tight and then locked into position with our “quick fix” spring clasp. The serrated mini ridges around the strap prevent any slipping. No tools or glue are required.

All in all, we believe that this is the finest chimney pot gull deterrent in the world.

Key features of our product and service

• This anti seagull repellent strap is wonderfully simple to install; every order comes with a free “how to install” CD

• Each strap is 1.1 metres (3.5ft) long, so it will wrap around every size of chimney pot (for smaller pots the strap simply overlaps like a belt)

• The protruding pins are 200mm (8 inches) high and have a diameter of 2mm. The pins and strap are attached together and are made from the finest quality stainless steel

• Chimney sweeps love them as their brushes can push past and retract with ease

• This is our product – we developed, patented and manufacture it. We are particularly proud of the spring clasp that locks the strap tightly around the pot

• The strap itself is extremely flexible allowing it to be fitted to odd shaped pots including square ones

• As well as seagulls it will work just as well for pigeons and most other birds of a similar size

• The product comes with a free 3 year extended warranty and a 100 day money back guarantee

• We always dispatch same day if you order before 3pm, we try and deliver next working day for just 6.95 +VAT within UK mainland, remote areas will take longer.

• If you've got a gull deterrent or pest seagull control question, click here and we guarantee to answer you within 2 hours (Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm) if you send your question after 4pm we will get back to you first thing the next day. Test us; if we fail we will send you a large bar of chocolate

• If you would like one of our anti seagull repellent information packs click here to contact us including your postal address


Remember every order comes with a FREE “how to install” CD


Wrap the gull deterrent strap around the chimney pot. For smaller pots you’ll notice that it will overlap.
Picture of Gull Deterrent Strap


Pull strap tight and hook the spring into one of the fixing holes.
That’s it – no glue or tools.
Picture of the spring hook

Picture of anti seagull repellent chimney spike strap

How to order:

Simply enter the no. of Chimney Spikes you require & then click the 'BUY ONLINE' button.
You'll notice from the price table below that the more you buy the lower the price.

Prices Per Chimney Spike Strap:

Quantity Ordered
Price per unit 
1+ straps
£24.50 + VAT each
10+ straps
£19.60 + VAT each
Enter no. of units reqd.

Delivery: £6.95 + VAT on all orders
     Pictures of Defender
™ Chimney Spikes installed

picture of chimney spikes installed
picture of chimney spikes installed
picture of chimney spikes installed
picture of chimney spikes installed
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