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Seagull Deterrent Products


We manufacture many types of seagull deterrents including seagull spikes for flat roofs and ledges and gull spikes specifically designed for roof ridges and chimneys. All of our seagull deterrent products are used to prevent seagulls landing on your property without injury to the bird.

All our seagull deterrent products are always dispatched the same day if ordered before 3pm Monday-Friday, and are wonderfully simple to install. Every order comes with a free “how to install” CD; simply click on one of the products shown to view more details.

NOTE - If you've got any questions about seagull deterrents, click here to contact us and we will answer you within 2 hours (Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm). Test us; if we fail we will send you a large bar of chocolate.

We have a great free information pack available which includes a “how to install” instructional CD featuring all our seagull deterrent products. Click here to contact us with your postal address and we’ll send one out to you straight away.

All our seagull deterrents are invented and patented by us. These tried and tested products have quickly become the industry standard for protecting buildings against seagulls.

Seagulls always perch on the highest points of a property usually the ridge, chimney pot or the highest flat ledges. If you prevent them landing on these areas, with our seagull spikes, they will probably abandon the property completely.

Our Seagull Deterrent Gull Spikes are regarded by many as the finest seagull deterrents in the world.

Finally, remember every order you place is always dispatched same day for next working day within UK mainland, remote areas can take longer.
Image a of Defender™ 11 Seagull Spikes
Defender™ 11 Seagull Spikes
Image of Defender™ Seagull Deterrent Chimney Spike Strap
Defender™ Chimney Spike Strap
Image of a Defender™ Ridge Gull Spikes
Defender™ Ridge Spikes
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Defender™ Fixing Silicone
The Defender™ Fixing Silicone is formulated for fixing seagull spikes to: brick, timber, lead, glass, concrete, steel, plastic and all other dry surfaces.

Defender™ Chimney Spike Strap
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Pigeon Problems
If you have a problem with pigeons then you can purchase bird spikes from our sister company

Pigeon Problems
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